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How do you stop fever and chills...

How do you stop fever and chills?

What to do if you are shaking with a fever?
Rest with a thin sheet instead of a thick blanket, which will continue to raise your body temperature
Put on an extra layer of clothing, such as a sweatshirt, if you start to overheat, you Can take off
Turn up the te…

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Why is targeted therapy recommen...

Why is targeted therapy recommended?

Targeted drugs can block or turn off signals that make cancer cells grow and can also signal cancer cells to destroy themselves. Targeted therapy is an important type of cancer treatment, and as researchers learn about specific changes in cancer cells, they wi…

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How much does it cost to start a...

How much does it cost to start an automatic car wash?

Answer: In order for a car wash business to start smoothly, you need an initial investment of Rs. 100 crore. 3rd November 2021 for the same the minimum area is 1000 sq ft

How do you say no with a British accent?

We're pushing…

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Can I cash a check at any bank?

Can I cash a check at any bank?

Any teller can give you a check in cash. If you are the account holder for the check, many banks will cash the check without charging a fee. Some banks may require you to deposit the check into your account instead of cashing it.

Where can I cash a cashier's che…

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