15 Mac Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Apple has built a lot of hidden features and shortcuts into macOS, from keyboard commands to settings. Learn these tips and your MacBook will definitely be more efficient.

1. Open with default apps-Right-click a file, click Get Info, click Open as,merge two pdf pages into one page mac and then select the app you want to use from the drop-down menu.

2. Automatically open secure files after downloading - To automatically open secure files downloaded from Safari, open the application, go to Preferences, open the General tab and select Open Secure File After Download.

3. Convert to PDF - In the Finder or on the Desktop, you can right-click on a file and use the Quick Actions feature to convert an image, document, or downloaded web page to PDF by right-clicking on the file you want to convert to PDF, selecting Quick Actions, and then selecting Create PDF. Create PDF". You can use this method to select multiple files and merge them all into one PDF.Convert to PDF is the default option. 4.

4. Search the current folder - open Finder, go to Preferences, select "Advanced", and then select "Search the current folder" under the heading "When performing a search".

5. Close all application windows - To close all open windows of an application at once, hold down Option and click on the red x in one of the windows.

6. Always show scrollbars - To keep scrollbars visible at all times, open System Preferences, select General, and then select Always under the Show Scrollbars option.

7. Access sound input and output from the menu bar - You can access sound input and output by holding down the option when you click the sound icon in the menu bar or Control Center on your Mac.

8. Quickly find files from Spotlight - If you have a Spotlight search open, you can find a file in the Finder by holding down Command + R and clicking on it.

9. Minimize Windows with a single click - Go to System Preferences, Docking and Menu Bar and select Minimize instead of Zoom under "Double-click on the title bar of a window", which is the default setting.

10. Automatically hide and show the menu bar - To automatically hide and show the menu bar, go to System Preferences, select Dock and Menu Bar, and then select "Automatically hide and show the menu bar on the desktop".

11. Hide the date from the menu bar - Go to System Preferences, select Dock and Menu Bar, and then under the Clock heading in the left menu, deselect Show day of week" and "Show date" in the left menu under the "Clock" heading.

12. Delete by Word - When writing, you can use keyboard commands to edit more efficiently. To delete an entire word at once rather than character by character, hold down the option key and press the Delete button.

13. Delete by Line - To delete an entire line, hold down the Command key and press the Delete button.

14. Move Cursor Word by Word - To move the cursor through the text faster, hold down the Option key and use the arrows to move it word by word instead of character by character. Hold down the command to move it line by line.

15. Customize screenshots - The Mac has a lot of built-in customization options for screenshots. When using shift + command + 4 to take a sized screenshot, hold down option and drag to resize all four corners, and press space to move the selection box.


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