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How can parents choose and apply for a major based on their child's strengths? Specific ways to see here, for reference!

1, the language is good

You can apply for teacher training, Chinese language and literature, journalism and communication, human resources, tourism management, land resource management and other majors.

2, good at mathematics

You can apply for statistics, psychology, teacher training, mathematics, economics, finance, finance, accounting, electronics and information, computer science.

There are also: industrial design, electrical engineering and its automation, measurement and control technology and instrumentation, automation, computer science and technology, communications engineering, electronic information engineering, optoelectronic information engineering, civil engineering, engineering mechanics, aerospace engineering, aircraft design and engineering, aircraft power engineering majors.

3、Good English

Foreign language and literature, teacher training, economics and trade, Chinese language and literature, Chinese as a foreign language, journalism, communication, foreign language advertising, etc.

4、Good at physics

Physics, teacher training, mechanics, electronic information, CHO Wing sing electrical, mechanical, aerospace, weapons, nuclear engineering, nuclear technology, materials, measurement and control, instrumentation, energy and power, civil engineering, etc.

5、Good chemistry

You can apply for medical, medical technology, teacher training, chemistry, animal medicine, chemical and pharmaceutical, nuclear engineering, materials, food science and engineering, etc.

6、Good at biology

You can apply for Biological Engineering, Medicine, Teacher Training, Biological Science, Agronomy, Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Protection, Animal Science, Animal Medicine, Aquaculture, Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Chinese Medicine, etc.

7、Good history

You can apply for history, ethnology, archaeology, teacher training and other majors.

8、Good at politics

You can apply for philosophy, teacher training, Marxist theory, law, economics, political science, sociology, public administration, education, etc.

9、Good geography

Can apply for: meteorology, mapping, teacher training, water conservancy and hydropower, urban planning, geological survey, tourism, GIS, environmental protection and Gobi majors.

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